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The future of digital health is being drafted in the Montpellier Métropole area

Information updated on 24/04/23

Montpellier University Hospital (CHU), University of Montpellier, and Dedalus group launch ERIOS, the first experimental center for health-related use cases for digital technologies. A unique project in Europe, MedVallée certified.

David Morquin @A.Viste

“One of the major risks for the future is the capacity for digital tools to make it easier to share complex clinical situations, make medical decisions, and detect errors.”

Based on this observation, Montpellier CHU, University of Montpellier, and the Dedalus group (European leader in digital tools for the health sector) are launching ERIOS, the first experimental center focusing on the use of health software.
MedVallée certified, this project is the first of its kind in Europe. Selected as part of the France 2030 plan, ERIOS seeks to develop and assess the benefits of digital technologies on human health in the field. This program is divided into three parts. Named ERIOS#1, the first part focuses on aspects related to new-generation Computerized Patient Files and all the information support tools used by hospital staff to diagnose, prescribe, monitor, coordinate, care, and assist patients.
With 3.3 M€ in funding from Bpifrance, ERIOS#1 is deployed via the Montpellier CHU University Hospital, whose facilities now host a team of developers, UX design experts, and software engineers. The team is managed by the Dedalus group and staff from the Montpellier CHU with specific qualifications regarding digital applications for health.

A large part of our work will be to get the right people involved with the project so that the software used by care givers is truly adapted to their needs and the reality of their everyday responsibilities, notably by providing them with useful information. That is the project’s goal,” explains David Morquin, hospital practitioner and Montpellier CHU representative for ERIOS#1.

The Dedalus group will work with these new tools in order to “assist care givers and improve their quality of life at work,” highlights Frédéric Vaillant, delegate Managing Director for Dedalus France.

He adds: “ERIOS will help us accelerate the transition towards Computerized Patient Files 3.0 by optimizing care givers’ use of medical data to benefit patients. They will be able to spend less time entering information into the computer and more time with people.”

This latter point relates to the role of the University of Montpellier, whose expertise regarding informatics and data science is recognized internationally.

ERIOS ticks all the checkboxes for our University Innovation Hub, one of the five certified in France. The project is fully aligned with the missions of the I-SITE Excellence Program (formerly MUSE), now confirmed as a permanent feature of the university: Feed - Protect - Care,”  says Philippe Combette, University of Montpellier Vice President in charge of partnerships and innovation. He adds: “ERIOS#1 stimulates interaction between the public and private sectors.”

The emulation will no doubt produce results.

The ambitious scope of ERIOS#1 and the quality of the project’s partners will enable us to lay the groundwork for Evidence Based Health Informatics in Montpellier and thereby contribute to the MedVallée approach driven by Montpellier Métropole,” highlight the three partners.

Job creation on the horizon with ERIOS!