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Histalim innovates in the fight against cancer

Information updated on 23/11/18

Montpellier company Histalim develops biomarkers to establish tumor immune profiles. In September, Histalim became a subsidiary of the European leader in medical biology, Cerba Healthcare, and now wants to expand internationally.

Histalim innove dans la lutte contre les cancers
What is Histalim’s field of expertise? The company develops new therapies, such as immunotherapy, that are used increasingly to treat cancer. Providing histology and image analysis services, the Montpellier company develops biomarkers that identify tumor immune profiles.

Immuno-profiling is a precise medical tool that makes it possible to understand where a given cancer’s immune barriers are located and determine which type of immunotherapy could offer the most appropriate treatment,” explains Jean-Philippe Coton, who founded Histalim in 2005. 

These new treatments are a major focus for the pharmaceutical industry,” adds the CEO.

His company also performs clinical trials each year to validate protocols via multiplex immunohistochemistry, a high-precision imaging technology that shows multiple biomarkers from a single histological cross-section. Histalim plans to continue developing this activity.

International development

In September, Histalim was acquired by Cerba Healthcare, a European group and international expert in biological diagnostics.

Developing biomarkers to advance personalized oncology treatments is, by definition, related to medical diagnostics,” notes Jean-Philippe Coton, who continues to retain control over the company.

By joining Cerba Healthcare, Histalim becomes part of a network of laboratories with complementary activities, operating in about fifty countries. The company intends to create synergies with the other entities.  With its staff of 45 people, Histalim will stay based in the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area.

The ecosystem here is very strong. It enabled us to find clients beyond our regional borders,” adds the CEO.

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