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“Walk”, the clever device that helps people walk

Information updated on 14/12/21

Montpellier startup Resilient Innovation designed Walk, a wearable electronic device that helps elderly people and patients with Parkinson’s disease recover their autonomy through better walking.

Jordan Miron dirige Resilient Innovation. Il tient le boîtier Walk, qu’il a inventé, dans sa main © David Crespin

Jordan Miron, director of Resilient Innovation, holding the Walk device that he invented © David Crespin

The innovation offered by the Walk device is that it stimulates walking for people with reduced motor functions due to age or disease. The small wearable device was developed by Resilient Innovation to help correct specific locomotor disorders without surgical intervention or drug treatment.

The belt-mounted device is worn on the hip. Sensors analyze movements and identify whether the patient needs stimulation,” summarizes Jordan Miron, device inventor and startup founder. “If necessary, a pulsating sound is sent to earphones placed on the jawbone, in front of the ears. This auditory stimulus triggers movement and helps the user recover a more stable step.

1st prize for Handicap Innovation

The device has proven to be very effective on patients with Parkinson’s disease and patients with partial paralysis following a stroke. It is currently being used by 250 people in France and Europe. The startup now wants to grow to a higher level. In 2019, Resilient Innovation established partnerships with retirement homes, neurologists, physical therapists, and other professions involved with the healthcare path.

Up until now, we have been selling directly to users. In 2019, we also plan on creating a distributor network,” adds Jordan Miron.

His invention, which has already received several awards, won the 1st Handicap Innovation prize in July 2018, at the 12th worldwide conference of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Entirely designed in France, the device is produced in Montpellier in partnership with PDCA 34, a handicap-adapted company where 80% of the employees have motor handicaps.

Resilient Innovation was founded in 2016 in Montpellier. Its staff grew from 3 to 5 people this year. The company is incubated at the Cap Omega Business and Innovation Centre (BIC). It is also assisted by the acceleration program Go4BioBusiness, led by the Eurobiomed competitiveness cluster (the program is co-funded by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole).

Montpellier Métropole considers new technologies and health to be critical topics. We really feel supported by a network that is interested in our innovative project,” adds Jordan Miron.

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