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XFeet-Orthotics jumps feet-first into the 3D orthopedic insole market

Information updated on 14/12/21

With their mother a dancer at the Paris Opera, how could they not be aware of mechanical problems in people’s feet?

Nicolas et Youri Saint Lo - XFeet-Orthotics - 3M ©Maugendre David

Nicolas and Youri Saint Lo, XFeet-Orthotics - 3M © Maugendre David

Nicolas and Youri Saint Lo are in a good position to know first-hand: from their youngest age, they understood the importance of proper arch support for maintaining good posture and the body in general.
One of the brothers is a podiatrist; the other is a computer scientist. In July 2019, they founded XFeet-Orthotics together, a company specialized in 3D orthopedic insoles, notably leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies.
Incubated at Montpellier BIC, the young company came up with a highly innovative solution that combines an online platform with a 3D scanner that models footprints in movement. Entirely designed by the company, the device is sold to podiatrists, enabling them to precisely define the corrections to make for patients so that insoles correspond perfectly to their needs.
Once data regarding the patient’s foot is collected and corrections defined, the file is validated on the online platform and XFeet-Orthotics manufactures the insoles using a 3D printer. The benefits of this approach are clear.

“3D printing makes it possible to create extremely complex structures,” highlights Nicolas Saint Lo. The insoles are then shipped/delivered within 48 hours (workdays) to the podiatrist who ordered them.

This completely novel approach is generating real enthusiasm. Not just for the results, but also because the company only manufactures insoles using bio-sourced raw materials and products, notably PA11, a polyamide made from castor bean oil, whose properties are fully adapted for this application, offering comfort, flexibility, and articulation.
Clients are streaming in.

“Over 100 podiatrists already work with our solution,” says Youri Saint Lo. Despite the health crisis, the company was operating at its maximum in 2020. Sales took off and revenue reached nearly one million euros.

This is definitely a nice start, as the company now needs to grow to keep up with its business activity.
XFeet-Orthotics therefore needed new facilities. The Montpellier Métropole Business Establishment Department helped them find it, offering them the opportunity to set up in temporary workshop space in Prades le Lez, just north of Montpellier.

“Our new facilities are exactly what we needed,” say the two founders.

On top of that, the company can also count on assistance from Montpellier BIC.

“They helped us take this new step forward in our development. As this phase is delicate for any company, their support was essential. Not only that, but they introduced us within their professional network. As a result, Bpifrance granted us a French Tech subsidy,” add the brothers.

The company today is lined up for take-off. XFeet-Orthotics, a new star for Med Vallée.
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