Shared and unifying governance for MedVallée
Establish agile and unifying governance
The MedVallée Pact is the article of commitment by founding members Montpellier Métropole, Occitanie Region, and the French State.

Its objectives:
  • Approve the roadmap and action plans, and certify candidate projects meeting the required criteria by awarding them the “MedVallée label”.
  • Contribute to funding projects with the MedVallée label and mobilize dedicated aid measures, creating a multiplier effect on top of national and/or European funding.
  • Promote a faster assessment and decision-making process for implementing these projects, in cooperation with the mayors of the concerned member cities.
MedVallée “La FabriK”, an operational tool

  • La FabriK unites 250 players in the local innovation ecosystem, including companies, researchers, institutions, research establishments, and economic partners.
  • Working within groups to promote an interdisciplinary approach linking health–food–environment issues.
  • Providing a roadmap of action plans presented at the MedVallée Meeting in June 2022
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An action plan focusing on five main priorities:
  • A recognized community
  • An accelerator for growth and development
  • Innovation as its DNA
  • A showcase city and territory
  • National and international exposure