Health / Independent living cluster

Is your company involved with the silver economy? Are you a researcher or manufacturer? The city of Lattes offers a unique exhibition and experimentation space for your products.

The Health / Independent Living Cluster for personal autonomy

Located in Lattes, just south of Montpellier, the Health / Independent Living Cluster is an unprecedented public service that has been dedicated to personal autonomy since 2009.
A key place for information and advice, the cluster plays many roles, notably as an activity center for business, services, and research. It offers adults and children facing handicaps, as well as seniors, care-givers, and professionals, expertise and technological assistance for preventing or compensating for autonomy challenges.

The Independent Health Cluster comprises:

“Etape” (the “stop-over”) is a place with information and advice on technical aids (demonstrations, recommendations, evaluation) for elderly and handicapped people. Showroom space featuring companies in the sector. “Etape” is a member of the Living Lab Forum for Health and Autonomy, developing partnerships with companies to help provide feedback for designers of technical solutions.
Training space
The “Training space,” dedicated to professionalism in jobs related to personal assistance and the proper use of technological aids. Two fully-equipped training rooms are provided to help build your employees’ skills, teaching them the appropriate actions and improving their work conditions. Manufacturers also have an opportunity to exchange ideas with professionals and organize product and solution demonstrations (home automation, poor vision...).
Model apartment
Featuring home automation and ICT solutions in cooperation with companies. A 130 m² exhibition space and a model apartment highlighting home automation and new technologies. Professionals in the medical-social sector are invited to discover over 300 common technical aids. Equipment may be loaned for testing at home or at facilities.

On the path to a European Research and Development Center

By 2020, a dedicated new building will be created to make the Health / Independent Living Cluster a veritable European Research and Development Cluster for technical and technological aids to support autonomy for people with handicaps. Design and development are being handled by Fontès Architecture and the city planning firm Reichen et Robert. Close to the TGV train station, motorway, and international airport, the building will also benefit from tramway service.

A model apartment to help increase autonomy for people with handicaps

Lattes was chosen as the location for a model apartment as part of a European research project on healthy aging conducted by City4age. Researchers at the Montpellier Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics, and Microelectronics (LIRMM) and IMT will track 20 volunteers aged 65 or over in their daily lives at home and around the city for a period of two years. They will first be monitored with motion detection sensors. Technical solutions will then be installed at their homes and tested.
The goal is to develop technology aids to improve the quality of life for isolated elderly people with a risk of increasing frailty.