Incubasciences startup incubator

IncubaSciences startup incubator

Created to welcome companies in the biology-health field in their early stage or during their incubation phase, this project to launch a 3,000 m² building at the Arnaud de Villeuneuve campus in Montpellier seeks to promote local academic potential in the domain and develop cross-innovation that involves researchers, clinical practitioners, industry players, and students focusing on themes related to those covered by other campus laboratories in fundamental research, including the Human Genetics Institute, Functional Genomics Institute, Structural Biochemistry Center, and more.
IncubaSciences will promote entrepreneurship among PhDs and postdocs at the site, motivating them to leverage results from fundamental research and help create jobs and new companies in the Montpellier Méditerranée territory.

Dedicated assistance and many advantages

There are many advantages contributing to make this project a success, including: exceptional unification of clinical and research laboratories; Biocampus high-performance technical platforms (for genomics, proteomics, and cellular imaging); CECEMA technical platform (A2/L2 and A3/L3 laboratories); proximity to hospitals; the Clinical Investigation Center, Faculty of Medicine, and Génopolys, a highly effective communication structure.
Companies can also leverage local assistance structures for their development, such as the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC and SATT as well as the Eurobiomed competitiveness cluster and BioMed Alliance business cluster.