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Montpellier CHU: excellence runs in its DNA

Information mise à jour le 20/11/19

Ranked #5 CHU in France, the hospital combines research dynamics, innovation, and care quality. A springboard into tomorrow’s medicine, the CHU helps make Montpellier Métropole an area for excellence in health as well as company and job creation.

CHU de Montpellier Arnaud de Villeneuve@David Crespin

CHU de Montpellier Arnaud de Villeneuve ©David Crespin

Healthy ranking! In the 2019 ranking of French hospitals established by Le Point, Montpellier CHU moves up two notches to reach 5th place.

“A reflection on the diversity of our fields of excellence, with one out of every three treatments being in the top ten,” explains Thomas Le Ludec, the hospital’s Managing Director.

Brain aneurysm treatment and obesity surgery are number 1, followed by schizophrenia.

The Metropolitan Innovation Pact signed by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and the French government also enabled us to open a third hybrid angiography room, unique in Europe,” adds Thomas Le Ludec.

The Montpellier center is extremely dynamic in terms of technology investment, as well as research and the number of patients involved in clinical trials, with the CHU ranking in 6th and 2nd positions respectively among other CHUs in France. These rankings do not even include numerous other interventions performed at the Montpellier facility, such as “better post-surgery rehabilitation” that helps patients heal more quickly. Or the “continuous monitoring unit”, which improves handling for patients admitted under emergency post-operative and post-reanimation conditions. A first in France!

Assisting innovation

Widely recognized for its training, the Montpellier CHU university hospital attracts increasing numbers of interns while also establishing other ties.

Imagining career paths for researchers and clinical practitioners that include founding a company seems like a good development model for the future", says Thomas Le Ludec.

The Montpellier establishment was the first CHU to invest in a startup, MedXCell, which will set up its production center in Montpellier after its initial phase at the Cyborg bio-incubator.

In Thomas Le Ludec’s opinion, one piece was still missing: “detecting emerging ideas within our departments before they are picked up by the industry without generating any value for the CHU.” 

This led to the creation of an “innovation extractor”, with 40,000 euros in co-funding by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. Since 2017, this program has analyzed 70 projects seeking to create or fine-tune processes for better prevention, care, management, and organization. Two startups have been founded. Two others will be launched soon and three are being assisted by Montpellier BIC.

 We are not working to replace our ecosystem, but rather to work closely with it.

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