Uniting stakeholders and creating collective and shared momentum
Uniting for innovation

Leveraging work by La FabriK, an agile and innovative construction approach, MedVallée seeks to foster cross-fertilization by bringing researchers, academics, business stakeholders, entrepreneurs, institutional bodies, and ordinary citizens into synergy with support from its cofounders: Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, the Occitanie Region, and the French State. A complete community of players is committed to the same values and common projects to build a worldwide excellence hub for global health.

Innovating for transformation

MedVallée embodies the alliance of three key excellence sectors – health, the environment, and food (agriculture/agronomics) – present in the Montpellier Métropole area, a true concentration of skills.
By promoting interdisciplinarity and knowledge convergence, both of which are vectors for innovation, MedVallée will stimulate economic growth and development while attracting investors and businesses.
The dynamics are virtuous. MedVallée promises to stake its position in the international competition with an expert ecosystem capable of meeting the challenges of global health by leveraging its ample pool of talents.

MedVallée objectives

  • Stimulate economic development and jobs through innovation
  • Promote the use of technologies related to the digital transition and leveraging artificial intelligence
  • Reinforce the territory’s attractiveness and international exposure
  • Build high-performance and virtuous infrastructure while re-balancing company establishment in Montpellier’s northern area
  • Unite players and create interdisciplinary synergies across health, food, environmental, and digital sectors
  • Attract and train talents, anticipate tomorrow’s professions
  • Involve citizens, particularly on issues concerning prevention and well-being in order to build an exemplary global health metropolis