Moving to Montpellier

Discover professional space available locally for health companies.

Etablishing your company in Greater Montpellier with the Montpellier Business and Innovation Centre (BIC)

We provide personalized assistance to establish your company and we offer you a complete advisory and operational offering:
  • Professional property and real estate services to locate an adapted site; office space visits; assistance with technical details.
  • Help with human resources, hiring and relocating employees.
  • Financial engineering services to identify available aid, organize meetings with bankers, Bpifrance, venture capital firms, investment funds and business angel networks.
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Biopôle Euromédecine

Biopôle Euromédecine is an office center dedicated to life sciences, biotechnologies and health, offering both empty and pre-equipped laboratory areas as well as office space. The center is comprised of several 3,500 sq. meter buildings, three of which are already in operation: Cap Gamma, Cap Delta, and Cap Sigma. About 15 companies and the Eurobiomed competitiveness cluster have already set up offices there.
Located in the Euromédecine science park, the Biopôle facility is surrounded by an extremely dense scientific environment close to the University Research Hospital Center (CHRU), universities, research centers, and companies involved with life sciences. The quality of the facilities, the scientific environment, accessibility and the local lifestyle all contribute greatly to the attractiveness of Biopôle Euromédecine.

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Cap Alpha

The Cap Alpha incubator provides laboratories and workshops adapted to helping your innovative company get started.
Founded in 1987 and entirely renovated in 2011, Cap Alpha is located in a green belt in the city of Clapiers, just north of Montpellier, only a few minutes from health and agronomics research centers as well as universities.
Cap Alpha is a 3,500 m² facility designed to help your company grow.
- 600 m² of biotech laboratories, including a shared laboratory equipped with an ultra-low-temperature freezer (-80°C), autoclave, and laundry room
- 400 m² of workshops
- 1,300 m² of space for offices and service platforms

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The Montpellier International Business Incubator (MIBI) offers a concept that is unique in Europe. This 3,500 m² meter facility provides office space and services specifically for foreign companies.

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Euromédecine science park

Right next to research centers, the University Hospital, and universities, the Euromédecine science park is the local excellence center for medical, paramedical, university, and R&D activities. Many companies have their offices at Euromédecine, including market leaders and startups, benefiting from a world-class scientific environment.

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