Sun-Fair project

This MRI-guided radiotherapy unit at the Montpellier Cancer Institute (ICM) represents a major step forward in improving radiotherapy treatments.

Sun-Flair project: ICM, the first center in France to acquire an MRI-guided radiation therapy unit

Montpellier Cancer Institute is acquiring a ViewRay MRIdian Linac, the world’s first and only MRI-guided radiation therapy system. This equipment represents a major step forward for improving radiation therapy treatment.

Radiation therapy using MRI is a real technological innovation. This technique uses MRI to guide rays rather than a scanner, which not only makes it possible to produce non-ionizing control images, but also to verify the movement of the targeted organ over all dimensions with perfect accuracy, taking the deformable nature into account throughout the entire radiation session.
“During radiation therapy sessions, changes both in the shape and the location of the tumor or surrounding tissue may take place,” explains Prof. David Azria, coordinator of the ICM Cancer Radiation Therapy Department and Scientific Director. “With the Linac MRIdian unit, we can track the tumor during treatment and therefore deliver rays with extreme precision.”

Improving tumor treatment

“This equipment gives us real-time viewing, which enables us to dispense higher doses of radiation to treat tumors more effectively, without touching nearby healthy tissue or critical organs,” adds Pascal Fenoglietto, physician at ICM and ICM Technology Innovation Director.
The new device will make it possible to treat more tumors, notably in the liver and pancreas, which are particularly difficult to treat with classic radiation therapy. It will also enable better care in pediatrics.
Acquisition of the Linac MRIdian is a follow-up to the Sun-Flair project led by Prof. Marc Ychou, ICM General Manager, and Prof. David Azria, ICM Scientific Director, in collaboration with the Montpellier Cancer SIRIC (Integrated Cancer Research Site). A veritable direction for tomorrow’s medicine, this project is funded in part by the State-Metropolis Pact signed by the French government and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole as part of the Montpellier France Health Hub project.